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“You don't take a photograph, you make it.” - Ansel Adams

Westport Airshow 2017

A great day was had by all at Westport Air Show Last Sunday I went over to Westport Airshow 2017. In the morning we had sunshine with lovely blue skies however as we got nearer to the start of the Air Show the weather changed to overcast skies with white clouds so...

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How Shutter Speed effect your images

Using shutter speeds to create different effects Hi, welcome to this blog, I'm haven't completed this blog yet 10th Nov 16. I'm adding to it over the next few days so call back again to see more. Thank you for visiting my site and hopefully you will find it helpful,...

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Aperture in Photography explained

Main camera controls which effect any image that you take are: Aperture Shutter ISO White Balance In this tutorial I'm going to concentrate on Aperture, I'll later cover the other topics in a later tutorial How Aperture effects your images   Aperture controls the...

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